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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary School & Visual and Performing Arts Magnet. My name is Daniel Carrillo and I would like to share with you all the wonderful things that make Joyner a special place. Our school has been in the community for almost a century. Many of our parents and community members attended the school when it was 102nd Street School.
We are on a mission to improve outcomes for students attending our school. We will approach our work with a very focused lens on student joy, achievement, learning, and social-emotional well-being. We are emphasizing the “Joy in Joyner!” This means that we are working very hard to create a learning environment that allows our students to learn in a safe and welcoming space which allows them to fulfill their potential.
We have also embraced a very simple yet effective motto to support our students in creating a safe, fun, and motivating learning environment: We are safe, we are respectful, we are responsible. “The 3 we’s” set the foundation for a multi-tiered system of support for creating a positive learning environment throughout the school. Our students are rewarded for positive behavior and attitude by acquiring Champ Tickets which can be used to purchase items at our Champ Store!
We are creating an instructional program where all our staff members work together to ensure your child has the best academic experience in a public-school setting. Utilizing the latest research and professional development, we know we will see our outcomes improve every year.
We will be having plenty of opportunities for our families to be involved at our school. From Coffee with the Principal to parent workshops, we hope to offer various trainings and school-wide events that will support our efforts to improve student achievement.
I welcome you to our school. It is your school. Joyner is a Watts institution. The joy in Joyner is infectious. Along with all of our community partners, we are on our way towards being the school we can all be proud of. It is an honor to be your principal. I look forward to meeting you!
Daniel Carrillo